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Thrown porcelain, thrown in two parts, painted with a range of brushes using cobalt underglaze on the ‘raw’ greenware  surface when bone dry before firing with a transparent glaze at stoneware temperatures.

This work is a part of a series of works exploring the characters of the Oneiroi; Morpheus, Phanatasos and Phobitor,  from Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

Characters I work with become protagonists to explore a range of ideas, primarily around the relationship between vulnerability and strength, especially seen through the lens of human experience.

Ovid for me is the perfect exponent of these ideas, in that so much of his work is about chaos and change, at a time when more and more order was being imposed within the Roman Empire. As a result many of his ideas were out of favour amongst his contemporaries. Much of what I am interested in comes from the relationship between such contrasting ideas. Painting and ceramics allow me a slow way of examining complex questions through such wonderful  hard won creative processes.

All the characters and stories I work with  therefore, effectively serve as metaphors for me to explore more deeply, questions relating to dichotomy of the human condition/experience. The only thing I ever really learn is that, in the search for an absolute answer to most things in life appears to be relatively futile and complacency is the killer of most things. The ambiguity presented in many myths in which the viewer must interact and think is exactly what  I am trying to do with the painted images that draw. Collaging ideas together, but it is the viewer to experience this relationship with the form and work rather than being dictated to that interests me. To allow a journey to begin through interaction with the work, similar to my engagement with the works from Chinese and Greek ceramics and 17th century painting.

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Dimensions 48 × 12 × 48 cm


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