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Tropical island resin and wood art form



This is one of my newer piece of work it is made from a epoxy resin and 2 piece of red mallee burl and 1brown mallee burl and to those that don’t know what species of wood it is, it is native to Australia and is in the same family as a eucalyptus tree. The fist step in making the art form was gilding the natural edge side with 18 carat gold sheet then I used tail colour sheet to give is some texture and contrast I will add some pictures of this process. What I have tried to do is use the wood and resin like a painting of a bird’s eye view of small island in a Ocean with waves crashing into the island the art form is 16 inches round and to inches thick and would look great on a wall or on a shelf on a plate stand like in the picture also it would look fabulous on a big table and it could also be use to store stuff in the small bowl


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